Your Circumstances Aren’t the Problem

What if I told you that chances are, it isn’t your circumstances that are causing you stress or anxiety in your life? It’s just the thoughts you are holding about your circumstances that are the problem.

Your first thought may be “No way, Kori, it IS my ::job::spouse::kids::health::finances::house::brother-in-law’s 3rd cousin:: that is the problem, not my thoughts about it”.

I get it – used to think this thought stuff was just a nice idea, but not the real deal. However, consider this… many of you probably looked at this picture and saw a boy terrified that he had an enormous spider crawling up his shirt. I mean, I probably lost several readers who scrolled right on by and wanted nothing to do with this post.

But it’s just a spider. It’s just a picture of a spider. Your thoughts about the spider are what create the emotions and feelings you have in your body (you know… the uneasy feeling in your stomach, the shiver you have or the hairs standing up on your arms). It’s ok. It’s just a spider. Your brain is just looking to keep you safe, and for many it does that through creating panic and putting your body in fight or flight mode (more so flight mode to run!). But, it’s just a spider. It’s not harming you, it’s not on you, it’s not even in the same room as you! Stop and think about that. Breathing a little easier yet? It’s just a spider.

Your thoughts about the spider are what is powerful.

You have no idea what can change in your life when you have someone come alongside of you to help you pull your thoughts apart and evaluate what is true or and what is not. Have you been believing a thought story for too long? Are you ready for change?

And just so you know – that’s Ben and his pet spider, Hairy. Ben thought his sister had sucked Hairy up in the vacuum cleaner and is ecstatic that his eight legged friend is ok!

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