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Coaching is often times a new approach for many. So what does it look like?

As a coach, I work with you to create change in all areas of your life – whether it be in health, school, relationships, finance, or career. I bring my experiences as a nurse, an educator, a wife, mother, and a life coach and Integrative health practitioner to help you transform your life.

Typically, I work with clients in packages over three months where we meet together weekly. After trialing several approaches, I have found this to be the best fit that allows for the concepts we discuss each week to build on each other, hold accountability, and ultimately accelerate your results.

I offer either straight life coaching packages or a health/life coaching package mix. Coaching may not be the right fit for everyone in the season they are in. That is why I offer a free 60 minute discovery call to hear your story and learn where your are at. We then take time to discuss where you want to go, and decided together if coaching is a good fit for you.

Business Coaching & Website Design

After spending many years in nursing where I simply clocked in and out, transitioning into entrepreneurship and growing my own business was a whole new ballgame. It wasn’t all smooth sailing from the start, though. While working with clients came easily to me, the business side of things was another story.

Despite investing in various programs and tools to grow my business, I wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped for. I began to question if I had made the right decision to leave traditional nursing and pursue coaching.

It wasn’t until I worked with a life coach one-on-one that I realized my focus had been all wrong. I was too focused on the “how” of building my business, instead of the “who” and “what” – the thoughts and beliefs I held about myself and my ability to succeed.

Through life coaching, I was able to identify and address the underlying beliefs that were holding me back, both personally and professionally. This transformational work not only changed me, but it also helped my business grow significantly.

At Healthy Home & Family, we work with coaches who are looking to accelerate their business and online presence. Together, we dive into the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your full potential. We create a clear vision of who you are and what work you were created to do.

My husband, Dan, works with you to tackle the business “hows” that can often present roadblocks for coaches when getting started. He helps you learn first steps to take when starting your business, build and manage your website, and navigate the digital landscape of creating your coaching presence to the world.

We are passionate about helping fellow coaches achieve their goals and build a thriving business. Let us help you get there.

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The purpose of this call is to identify what some of your life and/or health goals are, and to learn about the services I offer to see if we are a good fit to work together.

If you have additional questions about coaching and how to schedule a consultation, contact me below.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, I have been trained in multiple forms of natural healing. When working with a client, I look for the “why” behind the symptoms they are experiencing, and then work to rebalance the body to help them alleviate those symptoms. From there, we work together to support the body and create an environment where clients can thrive in their health. Learn more about the Integrative Health Practitioner certification program.
A Covenant Life Coach is trained and certified through Covenant Coach Academy. This academy has been endorsed by the International Association of Professional Life Coaches. Training is Biblically based and contains hours of both didactic and practicum education.

Life coaches work with clients by coming alongside of them to identify the thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back. As a coach, I equip clients with the tools and strategies to transform their life. Rather than just offering solutions, I empower my clients to create the solutions that lead to their life transforming results. Because of this model, clients often see results in a significantly shorter amount of time compared to counseling or therapy sessions and their results last!

If you have felt like you are stuck – whether it be in a relationship, a job, negative thoughts, or a vision and plan for your life, or just stuck in the same old habits – a life coach is for you. Life coaches get to the root of the thought and belief that is holding you back and addresses it so that you can move forward in your life.

If you have been tired, worn out, and stressed; or if you have felt like something was not right with your health, but been told by a physician that “everything looks normal” or “this is common and it is what it is” then an Integrative Health Practitioner is for you. An IHP takes a holistic approach to your health and wellness to help rebalance your body and help you feel your best.

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