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As an Integrative Health Practitioner, I focus on finding the underlying reason why someone does not feel well. I do not diagnosis or treat illness or disease. I do assess the body from a holistic perspective and look for physical symptoms that can identify potential imbalances in the body. Identifying these imbalances (whether from symptoms or functional lab testing) then allows me to work together with you to help rebalance the body, and create an environment where your body is put in to a position to heal itself, often times resolving symptoms. 

What does that look like?

Tell your doctor you have a headache, and often times you get offered a pill. 

Tell me you have a headache, and I will work with you to determine whether it is brought on by your diet, your environment that may have toxic chemicals, your hormones, your blood sugar, your blood pressure, your stress level, etc. 

My philosophy of health and approach to care equips and empowers you to understand what is driving your symptoms so that you can learn how to avoid them entirely. Your doctor’s model often offers you no explanation of the cause, and simply looks to relieve your pain. Well, it may be a short term solution, it is not a real answer.  

In addition, if we do some functional lab testing and discover that your headaches were brought on by a magnesium imbalance or deficiency, and that this was a result of dietary intake deficient in that mineral, or perhaps gut imbalances impacting the absorption of magnesium that you are eating, you will have gained valuable knowledge on how and why your headaches were brought on and will be able make simple changes to your lifestyle to enable you to be headache free. 

Which approach to your health and wellness resonates best for you?

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