Changing Thoughts

You woke up earlier than you normally do today. Just before my alarm was going to go off. Mornings are my time where I sneak out of bed, past your bassinet, and out into our quiet house. The laundry gets folded without your siblings destroying my piles, the dishwasher emptied without immediately being refilled, and I even get a few peaceful moments to read.

I could have thought “Not now, I have so much to do!” when you started whimpering your sweet little cry. There was a time that I would have, and I did. But I changed my thought. I’ve done this before enough to know these moments sneak away. That in another month you will have outgrown the bassinet I continue to trip on trying to get in and out of bed. That in another few months you’ll be squirming and wanting to explore this world.

So this morning I thought “I’m making memories”, and I pulled you into bed and nursed you there and cuddled with you as you fell back to sleep. And I’m so glad I did. Somehow, after all these years, the laundry and dishes have stayed the same, but my babies are not staying babies. Therefore, I’m going to treasure these moments.

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