Breaking Traditions

Letting go of the limiting beliefs that hold you back and expanding the horizons of your nursing profession

January 2, 2022  |  2-5pm Eastern

A Word From Korilynn

Registered Nurse and Life Coach

I had that day – the day I thought “I don’t want to be a nurse anymore”.

And then that thought started to become more and more frequent. For sometime, I actually tried to suppress it because being a nurse was just who I was. People had told me for years, and I had told myself, “I was made to be a nurse”. So how could I now be questioning it? I have come to learn that it wasn’t necessarily that I didn’t want to be a nurse, but I was no longer ok being a nurse in a system that is broken and did not align with my values.

I know I am not alone. I have many nurse friends in similar situations, and have personally worked with nurses as a Life Coach who have incredible heart and vision for ways they can be using their talents and skills, yet don’t know what the next step is.

That is why I created this one day virtual event. It is for the nurse who feels stuck. For the mom who puts on her scrubs while her kids are napping and leaves to head into work in the evening hours, yet desires a different option. It is for the nurse who has recently lost their job and does not know what is available to them outside of the hospital.

I see you, I see the good work you do, and I look forward to showing you what is on the horizon.

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What You Will Take Away From This Event

Here's what you'll learn

How to Identify a Job From a Career

How your career is so much more than punching in on the time clock.


Your job is not your career, it is important to not get them confused. In this section we will learn about the value of career management and actionable steps you can take to set yourself up for professional success. This information isn’t taught in school or the workplace.

Recognizing Transferable Skills

Leveraging your skills, attributes, and experiences.


As a nurse, you are incredibly versatile. You are multitalented, skillful, creative, and resourceful. However, chances are you underestimate your value and capabilities. Here you have the chance to identify those skills and characteristics that make you stand out.

Understanding Thoughts and Limiting Beliefs

How the only thing holding you back may be you.


Your work routines have become stifling and the stressors minimized and normalized. Thoughts such as “the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere”, or “I don’t want to lose my skills”, or “financially I can’t make a change to something else” keep you stuck. We will learn to identify these limiting beliefs and break free from them.

Finding Your Passion Project

Turning your strengths and talents into a career where you thrive


Have you ever been caught up in a task and lost all sense of time because you absolutely loved what you were doing? That’s your flow state! It is the place where your passions and talents collide with a little bit of a challenge. When you work in this state, you are living life to its full potential.

The Day's Speakers

Individuals who broke outs to achieve their dreams

Korilynn Orth

Korilynn Orth

Integrative Health Practitioner & Covenant Life Coach

Korilynn has been a Registered Nurse for over 12 years and has her master’s degree in nursing education. She has spent her nursing career in a variety of clinical settings ranging from cardiac units to the emergency department to a rheumatology office in the community. Kori has also invested in future nurses through teaching and mentoring undergraduate students in the clinical setting.

Identifying a better way to serve patients and their families, she pursued a certification to become an Integrative Health Practitioner where she works with clients on the underlying root cause of their physical symptoms. She now guides clients through the process of how to create an environment where their body is able to heal. 

In addition to her work as an Integrative Health Practitioner, Kori also works as a life coach partnering with nurses who are looking for new opportunities to take their knowledge, skills, and heart into a new arena where they can thrive doing the best work of their career. 

Kori started her business, Healthy Home & Family with the Integrative RN, in 2021 and her vision is to create a vast network of nurses who align with clients, empowering them to heal at the root level of their illness, creating a true environment of health and wellness in our communities. 

Tina Mulholland

Tina Mulholland

RN, BSN, Owner of Elevate Wellness – IV Vitamin and Hydration Business

Tina’s nursing career started as a patient care tech in the emergency room, where she transitioned to a RN position after graduation. She loved the pace of the emergency room, but working with kids was where her heart was at. She landed her dream job as Pediatric Nurse at CHOP and worked in the ICU step down, sedation/radiology, and IV team. She was loving her job but something was missing.

She and her husband started a family (4 beautiful BOYS!) and caring for sick kids got A LOT harder… she sucked it up and pushed her emotions deep down, yet something was still missing. Her desire was for more, so she aligned herself with like minded women and started a business in natural health with Doterra essential oils. She learned so much, especially her passion for natural options in healthcare. She wanted to find a way to link her favorite part of nursing “IV insertions”, and natural healthcare. After a lot of soul searching, and some job hopping, she finally launched her own business in IV Vitamin and Hydration – Elevate Wellness. It has been a dream come true.

Regina Jenkins

Regina Jenkins

RN, BSN, Certified Life Coach – The Caregiver Coach

Regina’s nursing background includes years of working at the bedside in critical care. She later transitioned into home care and hospice where she was able to support patients and their families at end of life. She found that hospice offered incredible support to patients during this time, however, she saw a need for caregivers who were often loosing themselves as they cared for their loved ones. 

She now works as a Caregiver Coach where she provides support to caregivers, coming along side of them to help them navigate the multifaceted demands of caring for a loved one. She wrote a book Ten Things Every Caregiver Needs to Know and no one Wants to Talk About

This is for nurses

This is for the nurse who desires better for their patients and for themselves. This is for the nurse who has poured their heart and soul into bringing comfort to others, and is tired. This is for the nurse who has had their job taken away. This is for the nurse who knows nurses are the critical element in the health system and aspires to create change.

Korilynn Orth

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